Learning More About Voltage Regulators

The LM7809 is made by a different manufacturer, and it’s a nine volt regulator. And on the right, we have a 12 volt regulator.

You can buy these anywhere that sells electronics, Radio Shack, Jameco, Maplin, and a million other places, because they’re such a basic component. Just search for voltage regulator.

You can also salvage them from old electronics. Check it out, he has found 3.3 V, 5V, 6V, and 9V regulator all from an old DVD player.

it’s hard to tell which ones are voltage regulators until you google the part numbers written on them.

As always with engineering, Google is your best friend.

So, let’s say you got a voltage regulator. Let’s say you’ve got an LM7805 for 5 volts and want to wire it up.

Well, it’s really easy. All you need is the regulator and three capacitors. 10 microfarads on the input and output, and finally a 0.1 microfarad ceramic capacitor on the output. These capacitors help ensure the stability of the voltage output. Although you don’t always need them, if you have them on there, the circuit is pretty much guaranteed to work every time.

The values don’t have to be exact, so if you use slightly more or less capacitance, it will probably be fine.

Putting 12 volts in and 5 volts out will make you see that it works.