How did Jack Kilby Changed the World with Microchip

You know the gadgets we use everyday. But how did it came to be? Have you ever wondered how it became in fruition and who ever made it? A man name Jack Kilby was born in Kansas. When Kansas was hit by a disaster most electric line were down. His Father was in charge and president of the electrical line company so he tried to check his customers upon doing that he brought Jack into one of his customer a Radio company. Jack was fascinated with radio matters at that time so he turned his Passion for Electrical Engineering.

He later on studied in the University of Illinois after failing the entrance exam in University of Massachusetts  with the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering then continued to take his Masters’s in the University of Wisconsin. Later on he work as an amateur radio operator and finally making his way in Dallas, Texas working as an Engineer in Texas Instruments. Good health is what you should have.

In a summer time when everyone was on a vacation Jack remained in the office and took advantage to have a new idea. It was called the integrated circuit. Integrated circuit is miniaturize component made of transistors and semiconductor technologies. This led to the discovery of hand held calculators, computers, TVs, smart phones and changed the world. Now imagine if Kilby did not discover the Integrated Circuit. How do you think mankind lives today? We might still be using old telephone line than smart phone or write through letter without the handiness of Microsoft word in BOT-TO tech business. Thankfully by circumstances the discovery came through.