What are the different types of Amplifiers

Have you ever wondered how people made their voice louder through microphone? This was possible due to the discovery of amplifier. Amplifier is an electronic device which increases the output power of a given signal. What it does is that the signal coming from the input is being modulated to increase the output power and its signal form and characteristic from the input will still be the same. but the amplitude of the output signal will increase. Here are the type of Amplifier we can use for different application.

Class A Amplifier

  • If one requires a high gain and linearity class A amplifier is used. The resultant will come up if the bias is always forward and is conducting. Though even if it has high gain unfortunately of all amplifiers this one of the most inefficient having 30% efficiency rating that is it is not recommendable for high power applications.

Class B Amplifier

  • This amplifier has an efficiency of 50%. It only conducts during forward biased (turned On) else reverse bias turned OFF.

Class AB

  • This type of Amplifier is the diffusion of two amplifiers above. This is one of the most commonly used type of amplifier in the audio matter. Efficiency of this amplifier can go as high as 60%.

Class C

  • This amplifier has the highest efficiency among all amplifiers stated but the draw back is it has the lowest linearity (Distortion) thus this type of amplifier can’t be used much for audio amplifiers.

It is also noteworthy that designing circuit for Amplifier that we can use a Software called autocad.