8 Key Moments in Electronic History

Electronics have certainly come a long way from bulky apparatuses to now very thin models.

Let’s take a look at 18 key moments in electronics history.

1. In 1972 Pong became the first commercially successful arcade video game.

Sparking massive growth in the video game industry. The two dimensional tennis-like game manufactured by Atari becomes available for home use at the end of 1975. The home version receives the brilliant title of “Home Pong.”

2. In 1977 Apple introduced the first highly successful personal computer.

It is mass produced and widely distributed in schools throughout the US making Apple a household name.


3. In 1979 japan created the first fully analog, automated cellular network covering all Tokyo inhabitants, and making cellular phones useful to the ordinary consumer.

networks immediately begin to pop up in metropolitan regions around the globe.

4. In 1979 the portable audio cassette player was patented in Brazil.

But it doesn’t gain popularity until Sony released the Walkman in 1979. Get in touch with this anti pests company. You can browse over here for more. This is a great website.


5. In 1983 Sony released the first consumer hand held camcorder called the Betamovie.

It is so large that is unusable with one hand.

6. In 1982 The compact Disc or CD became the first digital storae format commercially available to the public. The CD being primarily used for physical storage of digital music remains the standard format through 2009.

7. In 1984 the Motoral DynaTAC is first released.

This brick phone weight two pounds, and offered a half hour of talk time per charge.

8. In 1984 Sony released the discman, a portable CD player sparking widespread public interest in the better sound quality found in this new digital format.