People behind the known Semiconductor Devices

You might ask yourself what makes electronics so amazing, the reason you can watch in YouTube is because you have a laptop what makes it work? How about your smartphone that you use to call and text how does it turn on? Mainly if you open a malfunctioning cellphone you can see many solid state devices simply called as semiconductor components, here and there you can see many IC’s which is made of transistors etc. Then who were the people behind it. Let’s name a few.

  1. Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) was first discovered in the year 1949. At that time it was by accidente that Bardeen Brattain and Schokley discovered it. They wanted to make a FET (Field Effective Transistor). But still their accidental discovey is still widely use to today’s electronic world.
  2. Diode was officially discovered in 1904 by John Ambrose Fleming when he discovered vacuum tubes that eventually is called Diode. Noteworthy people under this would be Frederick Guthrie and Thomas Edison.
  3. Metal–oxide–semiconductor Field Effect Transistor( MOSFET) were first attempted by the team of Shockley in the Bell labs, though they failed to come up with the FET they were still successful to let the next scientist know this through the flow of Bipolar Junction transistor eventually in 1959 Dawon Kahng and Martin Atalla in 1959 discovered the MOSFET.

One employee from a cad company said that Semiconductors  and its inventors’ contribution in our society has impacted the millennial century. Without them it would be hard to imagine the world without smartphones, laptop and electronic gadgets.