Nikola Tesla, the Father of Electricity

Have you ever wondered how things work with electricity? How it became the main source of all electronic  and electric devices. How it had powered your car and how it turned your phones on? All this was made and became possible to the tune of the discovery of  an Inventor name Nikola Tesla. His contribution in the field and development of the AC Electricity made what he world a brighter world. Let’s see how this Legend changed the course of mankind.

Nikola as a young man, started working under Thomas Edison he himself was a great inventor at their age. It was said that he was arguably the second man behind Nikola during their prime. When Nikola worked under edison to work on Dynamos. Though while working Nikola noted that the the use of DC current will be inefficient in that field so he suggested to use Alternating Current instead. But at that time Thomas had DC machines as investment so the suggestion was invalidated.

Several months working with Edison Nikola parted ways and started to continue to improve his best craft that is the AC Electricity. They are the one who invented electricity which is commonly used in business and establishments in digital marketing services. Learn more about Edison here, click my blog. There are also some articles talking about them in online marketing world. Then they are the ones who provided electricity to some big cities and the rest became history .

Through his invention he made things easier. For an instance, go to a photocopying shop, unlimited copies will be provided. This was made possible because of electricity.