What are the Types of Rectifier

Rectifiers by the name itself means to rectify , but what will it rectify? it actually converts an Alternating current (AC) into a Direct Current (DC) so that current will flow through one direction only. So before your TV actually start, you plug in your TV in the socket then the power supply which is made up on rectifiers converts the AC to DC supply for your TV to work. Then what are the type of rectifiers used commonly in today’s world.

  • Half-wave rectifier :
     This rectifier is composed of only one diode, it is only triggered when it fully biased. The problem with half-wave rectifier is that is not efficient for a task due to the reason that if it goes reverse bias, no current passes through it. This type of application can be used in 2 lamp level dimmer. This hearing company will give you best hearing aid. See more from their website here, 聽障 助聽器. This is best services for you.

  • Full wave  center-tapped design:
    This Full-wave rectifier uses two diodes and a coil. This principle can be understood easily one half cycle at a time. When the source triggers forward bias a half cycle is formed when it is in reverse bias it produces another half cycle as well
  • Full wave rectifier:
    This rectifier uses 4 diodes to operate. Whereas the full wave rectifier uses the two diodes connected in a load with it interchanging and produces a supply load after two biases namely forward and reverse. This is the most rectifier.

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